Make safety your priority this holiday season

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The holiday season is a great time to get away from the everyday and explore more of our stunning countryside. It’s sometimes the only time of year that you can fully unwind, and catch up with your friends and family. With so many people having the same idea, it’s important to take extra-special care out there.

Preparation is a key part of any holiday plan, and that includes planning for loss, accidents and/or injury. Our riders here often say: preemptive action saves grief later.

Our team make a practice of preparing lists that follow this formula:
If……………….happens, do this……………….

Here’s an example:
If it starts hailing golf balls, pull over and find safe shelter until the storm blows over.

Because who wants to pick ice out of their teeth? Creating lists and even committing them to memory is a great starting point for any trip.

From our perspective as your motorcycle insurer, it’s about being aware of your environment and surroundings and taking good care of yourself and your property. That said, even the world’s best planning can’t stop other people coming at you or unavoidable situations. You can then find yourself in a place where damage happens and you need help.  

If that happens to you, make sure you’re safe or can get to safety quickly. Then once you’ve assessed the situation, assuming you don’t need medical help, secure your property. Only then, after you have taken care of yourself and your gear, take photos of any damage and include these as part of any insurance claim later.

“Put the fire out first” then connect with us.

Some people think that a call to us has to be their highest priority. It’s not. You and your property are No. 1. We want you to minimise any further danger and damage to yourself and property first. Our claims team is available during business hours and whilst our office closes during the stat holidays, we have an after-hours and public holidays team to support you. So don’t worry, we’ll be here when you’re ready to tell us what happened. 

Whether you’re canyon carving, discovering new hairpins, going from A to B to meet people or cruising for the pure joy of it, when the rubber hits the road make sure you have the right armour and brain bucket. That way, if you end up eating asphalt you’ll avoid road rash and hopefully more serious injuries. We want you to be safe, so please make safety your number one priority out on the roads this holiday season.




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