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Category: Editorial

f0098 012 Editorial

24 March 2022

Pleasant Point Railway

Enthusiasts enable a peek into a more romantic past.By Nathalie Brown Photographs: Brian HighThey’re a dedicated lot, these steam railway enthusiasts. More often than not, they’re blokes past retirement age who are happy to spend two days or so each week restoring late 19th-...

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Auctions On Laptop Editorial

1 July 2021

Star Auctions

Star Auctions is our internal method for selling off wrecked (written off) vehicles and damaged parts. We’ve been doing this successfully for years & there are over 20,000 people who have saved us as a favourite seller on Trade Me.We’ve now updated the Star...

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1 August 2020

Leading Together

In such times of uncertainty, good leadership can be the difference between calm & crisis. This has never felt truer than now, as the world responds to the fast changing & ever growing treats of Covid-19. All around us change is happening with a...

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1 April 2020

Keeping Busy

As we head into a new year I reflect on a commonly asked question which has become a conversational crutch: “How’s it going?” Invariably, the response: “Good! Just busy.”This exchange is appears to be found everywhere in both our personal & professional lives. It...

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1 June 2019

Consistency & Success

I go to my local swimming pool typically 4 days a week & one of the greatest lessons I have learned from swimming is there are three simple things you need for success.Focus: You cannot be good at everything and it is hard to...

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1 July 2018

Pit Stops

More than ever, I am beginning to understand how it is imperative for leaders to take time away for thinking & reflection about where we are & where one is headed.Even though intuitively we know this would be good & beneficial for us personally, these...

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1 December 2017

No new years resolutions

As we approach a new year many of us will be making resolutions for what we want to achieve in life, and in 2018.For most of us, the path to those things starts by setting specific & actionable goals. At least, this is how...

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