Star Everyday is for everyday cars a cut above the rest.

For yesterday’s prestige and marque vehicles.

Maintain the best insurance protection with Star Everyday.

Keep shining with Star Everyday.

Our Star Everyday policy covers vehicles that were once a prestige or marque vehicle but have since lost some of their shine or are now more widely accessible. A good example would be a 7-10 year old European car.

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Star Everyday helps you maintain your car’s status.

Reasons to choose Star Everyday.

Insurance is customisable to suit your specific needs and is designed to recognise that your vehicle is not just a typical run of the mill car. Policy benefits include*:

*Terms and conditions apply. Not all benefits apply to all policies. Please refer to the policy booklet (and your schedule if issued) for further information or call us to discuss your specific needs.

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Your vehicle was once a prestige or enthusiast purchase.

Choose Star Everyday for your pride and joy.

If your car was once a prestige or high-end European but it’s now heading into its teens, you can still give it grown up insurance that recognises its heritage.

We launched Star Everyday for existing customers who were used to receiving the Star treatment from us. It didn’t feel right to turn them away just because their vehicle suddenly fell outside our usual niche vehicle categories, such as Star Prestige or Star Enthusiast policies. 

Now available to a wider audience, Star Everyday is perfect for the vehicle owner whose vehicle is a cut above the rest. We still look at each policy on a case-by-case basis and provide insurance that is tailored to your specific needs. By remaining hands-on, like we are with all our policies, we’re able to offer the right solutions at the best prices whilst protecting all parties involved.

So what do you think? Got some questions?

Frequently asked questions.


What our customers think.

“Star Insurance is a company that seems to have a better understanding of the price and pitfalls of repairing vehicles. When dealing with them you can be assured that there is going to be a fair price put in place to undertake repairs which will in turn allow a quality job and a happy customer.”

– Carpro Milford
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What do I need to get a quote?

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Insurance is based on good faith. Which is why it’s important to be honest about your history, so that there are no dramas if you make a claim. We’re all about starting and maintaining good relationships. Why? Because trust and honesty are the foundation of lasting relationships.

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