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Right across New Zealand, we insure more Kiwis and their vehicles with our customisable, specialist vehicle insurance. From Cape Reinga to Bluff and everywhere in between, we make insurance happiness happen.

  • RV/Caravan Insurance

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    Star CamperCare comes with more options, period.

    Kiwis love Star CamperCare, NZ’s leading insurance policy for motorhomes, caravans, 5th wheelers, converted buses, campervans and pop-tops. Most insurers only insure the cab and chassis but we insure almost everything, including your RV's Shell, Chassis, Fittings, Fixtures and Contents.

    Key CamperCare benefits at a glance

    • Our policies are fully customisable to provide certainty for your needs
    • We handle everything in-house
    • You only deal with decision makers in-house at Star Insurance Specialists
    • We’re NZ-based and operate 24/7/365.
  • Motorcycle Insurance

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    Unbeatable motorcycle insurance.

    We create premium motorcycle policies without excessive premiums. When you need unbeatable, customisable motorcycle insurance, for your trike, quad, scooter, classic, show, collectable, off-road racer, restorer, cruiser, sport, custom, touring, heavily modified bike and more, choose Star Motorcycle.

    Key Star Motorcycle benefits at a glance

    • Coverage for accident-damaged helmet, leathers and clothing 
    • 24/7 mechanical roadside & claims assistance
    • More than one bike - we know you can only ride one at a time so we rate this accordingly to keep your premiums down
    • You can select monthly or annual insurance options and we do not charge any additional credit card surcharge costs.
  • Car

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    Star Enthusiast policies cover drivers with special vehicle interests that don't fit neatly into a box. We offer four specific but highly customisable Star Enthusiast insurance packages: Vintage, Classic, Project & Performance, Motorsport and Modern Hobby. Click through to each one below.

    Star Prestige is our elite vehicle insurance policy for high-end luxury and prestige marques. Discerning drivers choose Star Prestige because it’s unparalleled insurance that’s tailored to each owner’s specific needs. It provides the best, most comprehensive coverage possible, including the highest standard of repairs that maintain your vehicle manufacturer’s warranty.

  • More from
    Star Insurance

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    Star Everyday

    For owners of everyday vehicles that are a cut above the rest. These vehicles might once have been a prestige or marque, but over time have lost a little of their shine or are now more widely accessible.

    Star Plus

    Sometimes getting insurance isn't a straightforward process. If you were judged on a points system, things like your age, driving history, your occupation and how you use your car, speeding tickets and convictions, the type of car you drive and your kind of license, can all count for or against you.

    Journey On

    Journey On is here 24/7 to help with locked-in keys, flat batteries, emergency fuel, flat tyres, breakdowns and accident co-ordination, medical and legal advice, map directions and our special NZ Concierge service.

    Star Auctions

    Star Auctions is our ‘insurance auction house’. Here we dispose of total loss, written off and items we have chosen not to repair. We pioneered our No Reserve insurance auctions through the Trademe Auction platform and today have grown with depots throughout NZ to make it easy for anyone to participate and bid on our auctions.

Join the convoy of happy drivers

If you’re not with New Zealand’s leading niche vehicle insurance provider yet, it’s easy to join. Get the wheels turning with a no-obligation quote today either online or call us on 0800 250 600.

Have another vehicle in a category that we insure?

We take extra-special care of customers who insure more than one vehicle with us. Talk to us about other niche vehicles, motorcycles and vehicle and/or motorcycle collections that need the Star treatment.

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You deserve superstar insurance

Choose Star Insurance because...

We’re doing our part for those in need

Star will match all donations made when purchasing a policy.
Attainable 0236

What our customers think.

“Recently due to a burglary, our family suffered the loss of a number of items. Star Insurance supported us through the event, even managing to recover some items of particular value that was very much appreciated. The supportive, personal and professional attention that was provided was second to none.”

– Gary Thomason -Eastern Beach, Auckland
Star DEC 2019 242

What our customers think.

“For us the whole process was done in a timely and professional manner.”

– Elite Auto Spray
Star DEC 2019 242

What our customers think.

“Star consistently provide my clients with great terms and exemplary service. A pleasure to deal with over the past 10 years.”

– James S
Star DEC 2019 242

The Star treatment begins here.

We create extraordinary insurance policies

Our innovative approach to insurance has made us an industry leader. Being experts at creating and managing extraordinary niche vehicle insurance policies, we only provide certain kinds of motor vehicle insurance. As at December 2019 we insure over $3b worth of Kiwi vehicles. 

Offering specific policy types means we can truly understand the needs of our customers and their vehicles to provide insurance policies that are as unique as they are. This means being more hands-on in our approach, not fully automating the process and treating you as an average. You’re not a faceless number. You’re an individual with a unique vehicle and unique needs. 

By asking you the right questions we can ensure that you pay for what you need, not for what you don’t, and at the same time, give you the best policy money can buy. Our approach also means that if you need to make a claim, and you’ve played by the rules, you will experience the best outcome. Remember, making a claim is when the rubber hits the road, and you find out just how good your insurance choice was. Come and see what the Star treatment feels like. Smart Kiwis choose Star. You can too. Get a Star policy now.


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