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The home of highly tuned motorcycle insurance policies

We started the motorcycle insurance revolution.

Our founder, John Baker revolutionised motorcycle insurance in the late 80s when nobody else was paying attention to two and three wheel riders. Today, we continue to lead the pack by providing the best, customised Cover, Price, Support and Claims.

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Insuring with Star Insurance Motorcycle is a no-brainer.

This is what unbeatable motorcycle insurance looks like.

When you need unbeatable, customisable motorcycle insurance, for your trike, quad, scooter, classic, show, collectable, off-road racer, restorer, cruiser, sport, custom, touring, heavily modified bike and more, choose Star Insurance Motorcycle because you get*:

* Terms and conditions apply. Not all benefits apply to all policies. Please refer to the policy booklet (and your schedule if issued) for further information or call us to discuss your specific needs.

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We deliver the Star treatment

Highly tuned motorcycle insurance lives here.

You get ultimate wheel to wheel, helmet to boots protection.

Before Star Insurance Motorcycle came onto the scene, specialised motorcycle insurance didn’t exist. It’s why the major motorcycle clubs became our founding customers. They, and countless more customers, like our approach because we handle everything in-house, from quotes to customer service to claims to specialist motorcycle trained assessors and claims settlements. By dealing with one company, you minimise time and stress because the people you deal with here are decision makers.  

We like what automation does for business, but not at the expense of replacing human input. This is why we personally assess every policy application and then customise each policy to the motorcycle’s owner. That’s pretty revolutionary in a world of robots and faceless insurance companies. Nobody likes being treated like a number. It’s another reason we are NZ’s motorcycle insurance leaders. 

We’re part of your community, which is why we understand you and can offer truly customised motorcycle insurance at the best price. Ride with the people who revolutionised motorcycle insurance. Others try to imitate, but they’ll never beat the original.

So what do you think? Got some questions?

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What our customers think.

“Simply - Star are the best underwriters I have ever dealt with. They are fast, efficient, competitive and willing to work with me to get the best outcome for my client and me. What more could you ask for as a broker?”

– Alision B
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What our customers think.

“It's lovely to deal with a company that is modern in its operation yet still subscribes to good old fashioned business values.”

– Chris Taylor
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What our customers think.

“Star Insurance are my go to for hard to insure cars, motorbikes and for campervans. They are always prompt and efficient and respond to queries well within their estimate time frames. I would highly recommend them.”

– Kynda L
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What our customers think.

“We've always found the team at Star great to deal with. They have a fantastic approach to providing solutions for our clients.”

– Brendan D
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What do I need to get a quote for my motorcycle?

If you have the above info at your fingertips, you’re ready to get a quote now. Get Quote

Insurance is based on good faith. Which is why it’s important to be honest about your history, so that there are no dramas if you make a claim. We’re all about starting and maintaining good relationships. Why? Because trust and honesty are the foundation of lasting relationships.

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