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Category: Product News

Prestige product Feature Image Product News

1 April 2020

Evolution of the Prestige Motor Product

Twelve years ago we introduced to the market a new insurance product designed for people like me who aspired to achieve ownership of a special car. I had been friends with Porsche Club members for many years and they had been allowed to drive their cars which made me realise I wanted one!. I start...

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HeardUsSeenUs Motorcycle

1 September 2019

Heard or seen us recently?

Have you heard our ad’s on the radio? Seen our flags at events around the country? Maybe we’ve popped up in your Facebook newsfeed?. Just like any business that enjoys growth we have indentified that by targeting owners of motorcycles, caravans and classic cars directly we can offer our specia...

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1 June 2019

Our Rapid Response to RV Insurance!

We’re always keen to make promoting Star Camper Care easier, so both you and your clients will recognise it’s the best choice for RV protection in NZ. Because our insurance product is advertised nationally and sold both by insurance brokers the dealer network it is a recognised name among the R...

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1 June 2019

It’s a better road with Camper Care

Star Insurance Specialists launched the Camper Care product back in 2010 and since then we’ve grown to become the leading supplier of Recreational Vehicle insurance in New Zealand. Here are some friendly points about the Camper Care product which might help sell it to your client. All RV’s. I...

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Track Days Automotive

1 February 2019

Track Days - Additional approvals

When it comes to providing insurance coverage for vehicles on the racetrack we have strict criteria for how events are managed and run. Over time we’ve developed a strong relationship with organisations such as Downforce, Playday and Tracktime to allow our customers to attend their track events. ...

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Stars of the track Prestige

1 January 2019

Stars of the track

Here at Star Insurance we’re great fans of motorsport events around NZ and we support our clients by providing insurance coverage when they take their prestige and performance vehicles for a spin on the track. It’s important for our staff to also understand how track events are run so we encour...

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7 photo tips thumbnail Enthusiast

1 October 2018

Classic Cars in New Zealand and overseas

I am frequently told when visiting a client for a valuation that they have seen a car the same for sale in the UK, Australia or wherever for such and such a price which means that their one must be the same value! Sorry, the world doesn’t work like that as no two cars are the same despite being o...

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