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We’re stoked that you’re a Star Motorcycle policyholder. Star MC is part of Star Insurance Specialists. As the “Specialists” part of our name suggests, we’re niche insurance specialists. Some of our customers insure multiple vehicles with us through one of our other industry leading policies.

With specialist knowledge in the motorcycle space many, many moons ago, we develop and manage what has become the industry’s leading and most loved motorcycle insurance policies. With high levels of customer support, and giving people what they want, we launched other specialist niche insurance policies and started to lead those packs too!

We now offer the very best insurances for European, Performance, Classic, Vintage and Motorsport vehicles as well as Motorhomes, Caravans and Fifth wheelers. A lot of our customers love our approach, policies and service, so they insure more than one of their vehicles with us. In return they receive a multiple vehicle discount. You can too.

If you have additional vehicles to your motorcycle, and it fits into one of our specialist insurance categories that follow, we’d be happy to further extend our Star treatment to you. Our specialist niche vehicle insurance products include:

Star CamperCare
If you own a motorhome, caravan, fifth wheeler, converted bus, campervan or pop-top, Star CamperCare is New Zealand’s leading and most comprehensive RV insurance policy.

Star Prestige
If you own a European vehicle valued over $100,000, this is New Zealand’s most prestigious, customisable and unparalleled class of motor vehicle insurance policy available.

Star Enthusiast
If you own any of these vehicle types, Star Enthusiast is perfect for you:

Vintage Cars
Classic Cars
Project & Performance
Motorsport assets.

Star Motorcycle
You’ve got this. The original, specialist, tailored motorcycle insurance policy with the best care and protection for bikes and gear at the best price.

Journey On
Many of our insurance policies come with a free Journey On Roadside Assistance package. It has paid upgrade options available too. This gives you nationwide, 24/7 breakdown cover and support. Even if you aren’t a customer, you can still purchase Journey On Roadside Assistance from

If we can help you with any of the above policy types, get in touch with us by calling 0800 250 600, or visit

Again, if you insure more than one vehicle with us, you’ll automatically qualify for a special Star discount.




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