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Category: Enthusiast

Etype4 Automotive

1 July 2021

An E-class of it's own

In March 1961, Jaguar E‑type created history when the hand-built ‘77RW’ was driven from Coventry to Geneva to be launched alongside the ‘9600HP’ at the Motor Show. This year Jaguar is celebrating 60 years of a vehicle with a combination of beauty and high...

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5D2A1409 Enthusiast

9 March 2020

It’s always a good time to buy a Mustang

It was 17 April 1964, and attendees at the New York World’s Fair watched as Lee Iaccoca cut the ribbon on a new exhibit. From that moment, the motoring world was never the same.The Ford Mustang still holds the record for the fastest selling car in...

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0N0A6719 Enthusiast

19 December 2019

Holdens head North

Hot Holdens are already highly prized but the growing nostalgia for the marque means the tide is rising for the family versions, too.The demise of Holden Australia as we knew it in 2017 left a bitter taste in the mouths of the Holden faithful. In...

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G2 Enthusiast

7 December 2019

Hey mister! What’s it worth?

Collector Gary McNeill wears his heart on his sleeve and a spreadsheet on his tablet.It’s a bit surprising that Dunedin collector Gary McNeill has decided to sell this Plymouth Road Runner Superbird — surely one of the best in the world — because as...

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7 photo tips thumbnail Enthusiast

1 October 2018

Classic Cars in New Zealand and overseas

I am frequently told when visiting a client for a valuation that they have seen a car the same for sale in the UK, Australia or wherever for such and such a price which means that their one must be the same value! Sorry,...

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pexels photo 416757 Automotive

1 September 2017

How much is that Porsche in the window?

Classic cars. The market and their valuations today.The advent of the GFC changed substantially the way in which the world views investment. The traditional bank deposits coupled with minimal (or even negative) interest rates have been replaced by a number of alternatives such as...

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