Our dog’s got style.

Bailey is our Chief Happiness Officer.

We bask in the glow of Bailey’s zen vibe every day.

Bailey keeps us on an even keel.

Sometimes it can get stressful when a lot of people are relying on you to perform at your best. People have Bailey to thank for the calm and caring way that we connect with everyone.

Bailey has been part of the furniture here for a long time. Yes, we work in a dog-friendly zone, which is helped by the fact that Bailey comes to and from work each day with our CEO. 

Bailey earns his biscuits by helping to keep us on track with our mission to drive customer happiness. It’s hard to feel stressed or pressured when you look into Bailey’s eyes or spend time patting him. We often ask: What would Bailey do? And yes, we give each other strange looks when we start licking the backs of our hands. Seriously, he helps in his special way and we are really grateful that he keeps us grounded as our happiness driver.

Bailey May 2018 52

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We make insurance happiness happen.

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