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We want to make vehicle insurance better for everyone.

If you needed heart surgery you'd see a specialist cardiac surgeon. Yet many Kiwis let generalist insurance providers insure their special vehicles. Trusting a vanilla insurance policy to protect your vehicles is like letting a GP perform heart surgery.

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Star Insurance Specialists is the industry-leading niche vehicle insurance specialist. We’re insurance specialists because it allows us to fully understand the categories we insure and the people who own those vehicles. 

We know everything there is to know about RVs, Motorcycles, Prestige, Vintage, Classic, Project & Performance, Motorsport and European cars. 

Because our purpose is to design extraordinary policies for Kiwis with exceptional vehicles, we handle everything in-house in our NZ offices. With nothing outsourced, we maintain an incredible wealth of knowledge and expertise to seamlessly drive customer happiness.

This starts with us providing policy benefits that nobody else would dream of offering without extra costs. And whilst we also offer online quotes, we personally evaluate every policy application to serve our customers’ best interests. By digging deeper with each policy requirement, we achieve custom policies for everyone because everyone is unique. This ultimately provides better customer experiences for smart Kiwis who expect the Star treatment. 

Come see why smart Kiwis choose Star Insurance Specialists.

Star Insurance Specialists and starinsure are trading names of Star Underwriting Agents Ltd (Star). Star is an agent for Vero Insurance New Zealand Limited (Vero). Star policies can only be purchased from directly or from a Star authorised and approved insurance brokers, insurance advisers and vehicle dealers. Vero is the licensed insurer for all Star policies. Vero has been given an A+ Insurer Financial Strength Rating by Standard and Poor’s. The rating outlook is stable. 


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What our customers think.

“Great Products and Great service

– Michael W
Star DEC 2019 416

What our customers think.

“Ive found STAR to be quick and efficient, as well as providing competitive premiums / excesses and a sound product. I had to send an urgent quote request to STAR on a Friday at 4:50pm, I had terms back by 5pm and bound cover at 5:10pm. Most insurers and brokers wouldve been at the pub by that time and I didnt expect a reply and when it arrived, the client and myself were over the moon. Overall STAR are helpful, efficient and client focused.

– Wayne W
Star DEC 2019 416

What our customers think.

“Star offer exceptional service. Easy to deal with and great policy wording.”

– Emma B
Star DEC 2019 416

We offer you the best care and protection.

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