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We want our customers the have best insurance at the best price, whilst reducing stress and minimising financial risk. Our business grows on the strength of our relationships, so we strive to bring our A-game in all our dealings with our customers. It makes us feel good to offer premium vehicle policies without the excessive premiums. But ultimately, we’re judged on our ability to provide the best:

  • Cover
  • Price
  • Support
  • Claims

We’re real people like you, and we know dealing with insurance can sometimes be stressful. But we work like nothing’s a problem, because we want you to remain happy and continue returning to us.

Speaking of stress-free dealings, meet Bailey, our Chief Happiness & Wellness Officer. You can find him most days roaming our hallways spreading his good vibes and Zen master like ways.

We make specialist insurance:

We are loved by our clients

"It's lovely to deal with a company that is modern in its operation yet still subscribes to good old fashioned business values."

Chris Taylor

Boutique. Bespoke. Our product is best.

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