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Category: Broker

fotis nakos YvHhZlcqTTE unsplash Broker

1 July 2021

Discussing Depreciation

Ever heard the comment that as soon as you drive a new car off the lot its value goes down 20%! While that actual percentage might not be accurate it’s true that vehicle values do decrease over time (unless it’s a classic in which...

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Wealthpoint Conference Broker

1 July 2021

Wealthpoint Conference

Wealthpoint is a network of 150 financial advisers owned as a co-operative of 50 businesses throughout New Zealand. In April they held their annual conference at Northland’s Copthorne Hotel in Waitangi. Wealthpoint advisers place a wide range of domestic and commercial insurance, so the...

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iStock 857146092 Broker

1 January 2021

New Zealand Underwriting Agency Council

The newly established New Zealand Underwriting Agencies Council Inc represents strength in numbers with the ultimate goal to improve and promote underwriting agents under one banner.Inspired by the Underwriting Agencies Council in Australia, which until recently represented the interests of NZ Underwriting Agents, the...

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LPL1 Broker

1 June 2019

Buckle Up Buttercup

Drinking and driving…..we wouldn’t recommend it, unless you were at our recent Auckland broker function! Held in early May at Sky City in Auckland we introduced about 50 brokers to the global fascination of esports. Lets Play Live studios are located at the base...

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adult business businessman 1061588 Broker

1 July 2018

Insurance – Compliance & the next generation

We have been talking around the office on the broad subject of the intergenerational differences of employees of both the underwriting and broking areas of our industry.People of my generation, like our parents before us, hanker for the “good old days” which is a...

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Roadside shot Broker

2 April 2018

A Proud Partnership. NZRA and Journey On.

At NZ Roadside Assistance, we have been a proud partner of Star Insurance for nearly a decade, along with providing hundreds of New Zealand companies and over three hundred thousand individuals with reliable, efficient roadside assistance, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.We're proud...

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kevin laminto 577278 unsplash Broker

1 April 2018

An Underwriting tidy up

Here at Star Insurance Specialists we manually review each renewal before terms are issued. This allows us to check the risk is rated correctly & also tidy up additional underwriting information. You’ll often see us asking questions on the renewal notices about young drivers,...

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pexels photo 221286 Broker

1 April 2018

Vehicle Valuations

Firstly, thanks to all those folk who wrote to me saying how much they had enjoyed my article in Issue 23 (September 2017). Indeed, this support is what has prompted me to offer some further thoughts as they relate to classic cars and their...

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