Heard or seen us recently?


Have you heard our ad’s on the radio? Seen our flags at events around the country? Maybe we’ve popped up in your Facebook newsfeed?

Just like any business that enjoys growth we have indentified that by targeting owners of motorcycles, caravans and classic cars directly we can offer our specialist motor products to people who are otherwise served with standard products via the major direct insurers.

Our targeted advertising will hopefully keep our name in the mind of your clients too, and have them asking about Star Insurance products when you’re discussing their insurance requirements.

For many years we’ve been a regular fixture at Motorhome and Caravan shows around New Zealand promoting the CamperCare brand, and we’ve showcased our products at the annual Motorbike Show in Auckland. We’ve now begun working with the organisers of car shows around the country to either provide some sponsorship or attend their events.

Statistics show that 15% of domestic clients in NZ use a broker. It would be great if more did, but in the domestic space there is still a sense of ‘do it yourself’, which is why we are giving clients the option of dealing with us directly.

We really enjoy the relationship with our brokers who have helped us grow the business. That’s why we still come and visit you regularly. Brokers will always be our preferred customer channel; you understand the industry and its processes.

You’ll continue to see more of our increased public advertising as we inform the domestic market about our products, and now you’ll know why. As part of this activity we fully expect to send more business your way.

By focusing on growth we’re investing in our business and the industry, whilst constantly innovating our products, giving great service and remaining competitive. Our aim is to provide the best insurance solutions to the full market for our motor insurance products.



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