Stars of the track

Stars of the track

Here at Star Insurance we’re great fans of motorsport events around NZ and we support our clients by providing insurance coverage when they take their prestige and performance vehicles for a spin on the track. It’s important for our staff to also understand how track events are run so we encourage our team to go along meet some of our clients and have a fun day out!

Roger Scholes (our Technical Claims Manager) is motorsport mad! Roger attends many of the trackday events around the country. Roger works with the organisers to ensure the management of the event meets our criteria for insurance coverage.

Joanne Smith & Jazz Pickett (from our Brand Support team) recently attended  track events at Hampton Downs & Taupo with Roger, with both getting to meet some of our clients and ride in a few of the cars we insure. Not only is this a great experience for our team but also increases their understanding of motorsport, knowledge they can impart onto our clients who are interested in taking their cars on the track!



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