We protect classic cars and passion projects.

Star Enthusiast’s Classic Car Insurance leads the way.

Classic cars are a labour of love.

A classic car goes way beyond simple transportation.

Classic cars are an investment that may only ever be appreciated by their owners. Often a labour of love, these vehicles represent far more than getting you from A to B. Classic car insurance is not straightforward insurance. Only savvy drivers and specialist insurance providers such as Star understands that a deeper level of analysis is required to provide you with the ultimate protection for your pride and joy.

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Ways we protect what you’re passionate about

Modern insurance for your classic car

Nobody else thinks more about innovative insurance and the best way to insure specialist and classic cars than Star Insurance Specialists. You may drive a classic car but our approach is anything but old school. Many moving parts determine a comprehensive classic car insurance policy. Here’s a taste of ours*:

*Terms and conditions apply. Not all benefits apply to all policies. Please refer to the policy booklet (and your schedule if issued) for further information or call us to discuss your specific needs.


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We’re a cut above the rest

Reasons to choose Star Insurance Classic Car.

Saying we’re the best might be a big claim; that is until you look under the hood at your options. We don’t let statistics determine your policy and its price.

Two identical looking vehicles will have unique histories. So too will their owners. To offer an insurance policy that fits like a glove and protects your investment (if you need to make a claim), we need to be hands on with our approach. 

Answering insurance questions can seem a little invasive at first, but believe us when we say, it is well worth it in the long run. That’s because if you ever need to make a claim, that’s when your insurance policy is put to the test. You want to trust that everything has been considered and that you won’t have a fight on your hands. 

Some of the classic cars presently in our portfolio include the 1965 Bel Air, Porsche 356, Chevy Yank tanks, American muscle classics including Mustang, Camaro, Charger, Corvette, and Thunderbird, and Australian classic cars from Ford and Holden.

Let us tailor a classic car insurance policy as unique as you and your vehicle. Contact our friendly team today.


Sometimes you need a simple answer

Frequently asked questions.


What our customers think.

“Star Insurance are my go to for hard to insure cars, motorbikes and for campervans. They are always prompt and efficient and respond to queries well within their estimate time frames. I would highly recommend them.”

– Kynda L
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What our customers think.

“The team at Star insurance are great in what they do. They really value relationships, which in broker world is really important to us. They have always gone the extra mile to help and support us. You feel like you are treated as valued customers and they are always wiling to work with us. Our account manager Litisha has been so amazing in all her dealings with us. She knows our customers personally and provides an exceptional service all the time. Claims experience has been great as always as well.”

– Pritika D
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What our customers think.

“Competitive premiums, excellent claims response and prompt response to queries, Star are a pleasure to work with.”

– Bob M
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What do I need to get a quote?

If you have the above info at your fingertips, you’re ready to get a quote now. Get Quote

Insurance is based on good faith. Which is why it’s important to be honest about your history, so that there are no dramas if you make a claim. We’re all about starting and maintaining good relationships. Why? Because trust and honesty are the foundation of lasting relationships.

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