A career in Insurance


Insurance is a global industry that can provide a long-term & varied career. From sales to claims, accounts to assessing we look at some of the benefits working for an insurance company can have.

New Zealand’s current employment rate is at a record high of 69.3%, and the country is experiencing the greatest labour shortage of comparable OECD countries meaning there are plenty of roles and opportunities within the insurance industry for new starters and those wanting career progression.

As our team travels around the country visiting the offices of insurance intermediaries it’s always nice to meet new faces in the industry and hopefully impart some of our knowledge and advice to them. 

Perhaps you’ve got a friend or family member unsure of what career path to follow? Here are a few potential benefits and factors which might encourage them to look at insurance as a career:

The insurance industry is known for providing stable employment opportunities. People will always need insurance coverage, regardless of economic conditions. This stability can be attractive for individuals seeking a secure career path.

Variety of Roles
The insurance industry offers a wide range of roles and job opportunities. Whether you’re interested in sales, underwriting, claims management, risk assessment, actuarial science, or customer service, there are diverse career paths available within the insurance sector.

Continuous Learning and Development
The insurance industry is complex and constantly evolving. This presents opportunities for ongoing learning and professional development. You can acquire knowledge and skills in areas such as risk assessment, data analysis, regulations, and emerging trends, which can contribute to your personal and professional growth.

Rewarding Compensation
Insurance professionals often enjoy competitive salaries and benefits. Additionally, many companies provide opportunities for performance-based incentives and bonuses. With experience and expertise, there are chances for career advancement and higher earning potential.

Helping Others
Insurance is all about managing risks and providing financial protection to individuals and businesses. By working in the insurance industry, you have the opportunity to assist people during difficult times, such as accidents, natural disasters, or health emergencies. Knowing that you are making a difference in people’s lives can be rewarding.

Transferable Skills
A career in insurance can provide you with valuable skills that are applicable across various industries. For instance, strong analytical abilities, communication skills, attention to detail, and negotiation skills are highly valued in many professional settings. Thus, working in insurance can offer a solid foundation for future career prospects.

Global Opportunities
Insurance is an international industry, and there are opportunities to work globally or in different geographic locations. This can open doors to diverse cultural experiences and perspectives, especially

if you work for a multinational insurance company.

If you’re reading this copy of The Hub magazine then chances are you’re already happily working in the insurance industry. While we don’t want to steal anyone away from their current employer, Star is always on the lookout for talented and motivated people to join our team. We have offices in Auckland, Tauranga, Hamilton and Invercargill, so if you or someone you know is interested in being a Star player, then keep an eye on our Linkedin page for career opportunities.



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