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Star Insurance attended the second Wealthpoint Pathways Conference held recently at the stunning new Te Pae Convention Centre in Christchurch.

As part of the trade & underwriters expo our Key Account Managers enjoyed chatting with the 230 conference participants from around New Zealand. Thanks to First European motorcycles in Christchurch we borrowed an electric scooter which created much interest on our stand as we talked to advisers about our new motorcycle policy wording.


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Wealthpoint is a network of almost 150 advisers covering the main areas of people’s financial security; assets, health and income, to investments.

The Star team also attended the Gala Dinner on Tuesday night which was held at the Transitional Cathedral, a truly unique building. Nigel Rukuwai (newly appointed Wealthpoint Chairman) and Simon Manning (CEO) celebrated the success of some members, presenting them with awards before we all enjoyed some dinner & dancing.


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