So long, ordinary vehicle insurance!


You may have noticed something out of the ordinary with our advertising lately. We’re excited that our new branding has launched including a range of print, billboard and display advertising, with radio ads to go live soon.

Escape the ordinary is a mission statement that runs deep for us at Star. It defines our commitment to forging our own path in vehicle insurance; delivering exceptional policies and products that protect NZ drivers and their extraordinary cars, RVs and motorbikes.


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Our new advertising platform is the outcome of rigorous thinking and creative development. Market research has shown us a large number of Kiwis who own niche vehicles don’t use a broker. This is why we market directly, alongside the great work of our broker partners. If any client approaches us, we check our system to see if they are with a broker first. If they are, we always refer them back to their broker.

We’re proud of our new advertising and its strong position in the market. It stands out from the crowd. We hope it grows our brand further, so that more of your customers ask you about Star products to protect their means of escape.


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