Turn the page – our guide to summer reading

A kiwi Christmas it all about a glass of wine, scenic location and a good book. Here are three reads we can recommend.

The Other Side of the World by Jenni Francis

Book 1

A young woman leaves England to travel to New Zealand when she discovers she is pregnant. Coral’s treasured son Tom grows up never knowing his father, and she is determined to keep it that way. But when tragedy strikes, Tom has to put his search aside, and focus on his family.

A page-turning mystery of family secrets and the search for truth from New Zealand author Jenni Francis, this is her first novel aimed at adults.


Imposter – by Matt Chisholm

Book 2

He’s been across our screens for years but country boy and television host Matt Chisholm was battling a few demons behind that happy façade.

This raw and honest autobiography details the depression Matt struggled with and the outpouring of public support received when he admitted it on a social media post. It would be the catalyst for him to face up to his unhappiness and change his life.

This is not a self-help book or a read just for people struggling with mental illness, it’s a really interesting journey through Matt’s life - balancing career and family, city and country, a frantic or simple life!


The Lighthouse by Christopher Parker

Book 4

A compelling contemporary novel filled with hope, renewal and a touch of magic. After ten years of writing, this debut novel from New Zealander Christopher Parker will enchant readers everywhere.

Amy Tucker is struggling to put her life back together following the death of her mother, meanwhile in Seabrook, a small town famous for its haunted lighthouse, Ryan Porter lives a simple but busy life, maintaining the ranch which he shares with his father.




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