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Star Insurance has been at the forefront in providing insurance for drivers on the track. We continue to work with providers of driver training and track day events to develop underwriting criteria. Our staff are regular attendees at tracks around NZ, both to meet our clients and understand how difference operators run their events. Typically there are three types of events we can provide cover for.

Driver Training

We recommend professional driver training for clients who have purchased a prestige or performance car in order for them to understand the power and handling of their vehicle.

Approved training facilitators include Downforce, Porsche Club, and Mike Eady. Typically the day will include practise handling of the car on a slalom course, practising the best lines when cornering and understanding braking. This is followed by a drive around the track with an experienced driver before the vehicle owner is given the chance to do some solo laps.

We can offer cover for existing clients who undertake driver training but prior approval is required. A client must have done an approved driver training course before progressing onto Track Day or Targa Tour events.

Track Days

Professionally run track days are held at most motorsport venues around the country and we have worked with providers to form special groups for prestige vehicles. Many operators now include a special “Star Group” within their events, which are run to our requirements.

On a track day there will be up to four groups, one of which will be the Star/Prestige group, limited to 10 vehicles. Cars are allowed on the track 15 minutes each hour and leave the pits at 5 second intervals. Overtaking is allowed but only on acceleration – not on corners. The organisers tightly control the number of cars on the track at any time and will black flag those not obeying the rules.

Additional terms apply for track day cover and the policy must be endorsed by us at least 48 hours before each event. Not all track events are covered, so it’s best for you or your client to check with us before they sign up to attend.

Targa Tour

The Targa Tour uses the same closed roads as the competitive rally, however the tour travels through the stages in convoy with a driving leader. The event is non-competitive, un-timed and speed restricted. Transponders in each vehicle can alert the organisers if speed limits are exceeded. Participants are also split into groups depending on whether they have completed the tour previously. Typically we will only give first-timers cover in the slow group before moving onto the open group for future events.

Each car has a driver and co-driver (navigator). There are a number of stages which range from 20km to 40km, which might not sound like much but at high speed on winding roads it can be exhausting for the driver. Additional premium and specific terms apply to clients wanting cover for the tour and again we need at least 48hrs notice.

Our track and Targa covers are available to existing clients who have taken an annual policy with Star Insurance. The sooner your client lets us know about any events they want to partake in the easier it will be for us to determine if cover is available. We’re proud of our relationship with the NZ motorsport industry which allows our clients to get the most pleasure from their prestige vehicles.



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