Star White Water Christmas Party


The star team didn’t have to worry about what to wear to the annual Christmas party, there was only one option…..togs!

For a bit of adventure and team building we all headed to the new Wero White-water Park in Manukau for an afternoon of white water rafting. The facility features two white water rafting courses (we were on the more advanced stage 4 course), 9,000sqm of beautifully clear water to explore, and the world's highest man-made waterfall!

We began our day with a short video presentation highlighting what to expect and some important safety information, which only made a few of us more nervous! Then it was time to put on a life jacket, grab an oar and jump into a 6 person inflatable boat with a guide at the back to yell instructions. After a few paddling exercises around the lake to get us in sync it was up and onto the rapids!

It’s a 300 metre thrill through pumping water! Very fast, very wet and a whole lot of fun. After a couple of trips down the rapids it was time to increase the fun by “riding into the rapids” which basically means you up the adrenaline and increase the water intake. Most of our boats got flipped at some stage during the activity, throwing us into the river where your only option is to lie on your back and float down the rest of the course.

The final option is a trip over the man-made waterfall which looks scary but is actually just like a big thrilling log-flume ride.

Despite the nerves of a few staff the afternoon was a great team building exercise learning to support one another, trust your fellow boatie, follow instructions and have a good laugh. We followed up our aqua adventure with drinks and dinner at the facility.



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