Going behind the scenes - the anatomy of a photoshoot


Have you noticed our beautiful new photography on our website and elsewhere? Looking good in public is not simply a process of sending a photographer out to take some happy snaps. Photography logistics is a huge undertaking. 

Keir and Lee from our agency scouted many potential locations and then visited the shortlisted sites at different times of the day to check the changing light, tides and prevailing wind. 

We had 14 people present on the photo shoot days. Keir was the creative director, working closely with the photographer, Dave. Lee handled background logistics, getting the cars ready and made sure nobody got run over. And Alex, along with Dallas, Joanne and Toni from the Star offices were the primary models. We also had tow truck drivers, bike handlers, and vehicle ‘fluffers’ - to make sure the vehicles were well presented. 

We were on location everyday at 5:00 am and kept clicking until there was no more light. It was pretty exhausting, but we all enjoyed it immensely. We hope you like the end result. 



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