An E-Class of its Own

E Type UK Jaguar S3 V12 6.1 4

In March 1961, Jaguar E-type created history when the handbuilt ‘77RW’ was driven from Coventry to Geneva to be launched alongside the ‘9600HP’ at the Motor Show. This year Jaguar is celebrating 60 years of a vehicle with a combination of beauty and high performance that has made it an icon of the motoring world.

At its launch it wasn’t cheap, around £2,000, but it gave cars that cost twice as much money from the likes of Aston Martin and Ferrari a real run for their money. Nowadays mint condition restored models fetch huge prices at auction and those in poor condition found in an old shed are also selling for big dollars. The vehicle was a hit with the A-listers, Steve McQueen, Frank Sinatra, Mick Jagger & Princess Grace just some of the famous faces who brought one.




The original 265bhp 3.8-litre version delivered blistering performance, managing the 0-60mph sprint in seven seconds and could reach a top speed of 150mph. Later in its life a larger 4.2-litre engine was fitted to the E-Type and a longer 2+2 version with rear seats was also developed.

Jaguar’s Classic division is marking the anniversary with an ultra-exclusive run of just 6 pairs of launch-specification restored cars. 60 years since it was shown to the world, the Jaguar E-Type’s legendary status shows no sign of waning and if anything its desirability is set to increase.




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