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There are times for all of us when we simply need to get away. Our regular routines, juggling responsibilities at home and at work, get the best of us with time. There are just too many things to see and do to let life pass you by.

When that urge strikes, there’s nothing like packing up a motorhome and waving hello to the open road. Whether that means just packing up the family for a vacation, quitting regular life altogether to start a nomadic retirement, or skipping a few steps to live as a working motorhome nomad, the needs that drive us are the same.


1. You need a taste of adventure in your life


You are not a couch potato. For some people, a comfortable and stable routine is a beautiful thing. They love knowing exactly what will happen when they wake up in the morning, and what they’ll do every day, even if they don’t particularly enjoy the tasks involved.

You, on the other hand, have a very different outlook.

For you, coming home after a long trip is a wonderful feeling, but the more time you spend there, the more you feel like you might be wearing out your own welcome. You begin to climb the walls when you’ve been stuck in one place for too long, and the only solution is to load up your RV and get away. You need adventure, movement, and excitement, and nothing offers that like going somewhere that you’ve never been before.


2. You’re always on the hunt for a beautiful view


You love a great view. Whether you experience most of your travel through the lens of your camera, or you leave every view in the moment that you found it, you are always on the hunt for the next incredible sight. There is no reason to spend your time looking at the inside of a house, when all of New Zealand is right there waiting for you.

New Zealand is arguably more densely packed with breathtaking views than any other country in the world.

You never know when you’ll turn a corner and see something spectacular, whether that’s an incredible ocean view, majestic mountains, lakes, or forests. For you, knowing that all that beauty is out there waiting to be enjoyed is an irresistible incentive to get out and go exploring.


3. You want to bring your pets


Your furry friend is part of the family, and deserves a vacation as much as everyone else. More importantly, if you’re thinking of moving onto the road permanently, leaving a pet behind is not an acceptable option for you. After all, dogs often make even better adventure buddies than people, driven by a boundless enthusiasm for new and exciting sights and smells. Unlike a smaller car, a motorhome provides enough space for an animal to move around, making longer drives comfortable enough to manage for most cats and dogs.


4. You love adventure, but without the pain


There are many different ways to travel and enjoy the many beautiful sights and experiences that New Zealand has to offer. Some travellers live entirely out of their backpacks, while others try to isolate themselves from nature, going so far as to always stay in hotels.

You want much more freedom and adventure than a hotel offers, but the hassle of setting up a tent every night, sleeping on uneven ground, and cramming everything—and yourselves—into a car every morning is not a positive part of the experience for you.

Motorhomes allow you to bring the comforts of home with you on the road, and greatly reduce the effort and discomfort that’s traditionally involved with camping.


5. You don’t like being tied to a specific destination


More than any other way to travel, motorhomes allow you to go wherever you want, whenever you decide to go. Unlike someone relying on hotels, you don’t need to book ahead, so your route and final destination are completely flexible.

Also, unlike a tent camper, you can easily make do without a proper campground when needed.

 The amenities offered by your motorhome ensure that you can camp comfortably even without the usual facilities. To do this, though, it’s important to get informed about where freedom camping is and is not allowed in New Zealand.


6. Your hobbies require bulky gear


You love biking, off-roading, jet skiing, or any of a wide range of other exciting hobbies that require a significant amount of gear. Not only does your adventure gear open up a wide range of options for adventure on a vacation, leaving it behind could nearly defeat the purpose of retiring to a life on the road for you. With a motorhome, there is no question of whether you can pack or tow your favourite toys. An RV can easily haul a trailer with ATVs, jet skis, or whatever else your heart desires.


7. You enjoy being a part of a larger community


Part of the motorhome life is meeting and sharing your experiences with other like-minded people, and travelling in this way gives you access to New Zealand’s larger community of campers.

At RV campgrounds, you’ll swap stories of your favourite destinations and activities with the people around you, getting excited about your next adventure while building friendships that last a lifetime.

The motorhome life is all about living life fully, and enjoying the freedom of the open road without sleeping on the open ground or worrying about the weather. Nothing can ruin that experience, though, like unexpectedly breaking down on the side of the road.


Star CamperCare is proud to be part of New Zealand’s motorhome community, ensuring that you can enjoy your adventure fully secure in the knowledge that you have the coverage you need to manage breakdowns and unexpected damage to your RV. Beside the usual insurance services, we also provide members with nationwide, 24/7 breakdown cover, so you’re never far from help when you need it.




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