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Business Manager David McDonald from Christchurch tells us how riding is now a family affair after giving up motorbikes to raise his children.

What do you ride?
"I ride an 2021 Indian Challenger Dark Horse. I love the size and freedom that comes with a large motorbike. The enjoyment of hitting the road, just heading out not knowing where you’re going.”

How long have you been riding?
“I, like many other middle aged males in the country, rode bikes in my early days, but then stopped and had children. I started riding in the 70’s and owned bikes in the 80’s. But then I also owned children in the 80s so bikes went. Our time needed to be spent raising children, and riding wasn’t something we could do together because we didn’t have family around to help. We tended to give away everything that was an individual activity and found things to do as a young family like exploring and camping. Small kids take a lot of entertaining!”


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How did you get back into it?
“I picked it up again as a later rider. My son also got into it and has a Harley Davidson Low Rider. He and I ride together now. His partner’s also got a motorbike, a Honda Rebel, and my wife happily rides pillion on the back of the Indian, and we all enjoy riding together.


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What’s a go-to ride?
“Where we live it’s easy to get out and around in Canterbury. There’s a real mix of bends and straight roads, and in a couple of hours we can ride through Rangiora, Loburn, Ashley Gorge, and the Waimakariri Gorge. Hanmer Springs from Christchurch is a nice ride too. Once you get out past Amberley the road goes up through Weka Pass and it’s a lovely ride, although a bit windy sometimes.”


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What New Zealand ride is on your bucket list?
“We’d love to get down to Milford Sound and enjoy that area, but we haven’t done it yet. We go on overnight trips but not so many large trips because of work and time.”

What was the last trip on your bike?
“The last decent trip was down through Methven into South Canterbury, through the Rakaia Gorge. Sometimes I just get out and go. A shorter trip was over to Akaroa from Christchurch. Out of the city, through Little River and up over the hill. Great scenery, and if you pick the time of day right you can miss the traffic.”


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What’s your least favourite part of riding a bike?
“Other than from the ACC levies? I don’t think there’s a least favourite part. I think there’s parts that you either accept as a motorbike rider or you don’t. Like cars that don’t necessarily see or understand you, and the weather. When you’re in a car and it’s cold you can put the heating on, but on a bike when it’s cold you feel the cold. But I always think of it as a great way to know you’re alive.”


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What’s your favourite part?
“Hitting the road on a fine day, knowing your bike is safe, knowing you’re dressed correctly and the conditions are good. It’s just great. You’ve got total responsibility for your safety, but you’ve also got total freedom. You can only concentrate on one thing well when you’re riding, so you don’t think about the challenges of work or bills or other everyday life rubbish. You’re just concentrating on being in the moment, and I think that’s where the freedom is. Having that release of thinking about anything else but the here and now.”


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Have you named your motorbike?
“No I haven’t. I’ve named my pushbike, but I haven’t named my motorbike. I don’t think it needs a name, I think it’s fairly comfortable where it is without one.”


Article kindly provided by kiwirider.co.nz



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