What we’re reading over summer


Light Keeping
– Adrienne Jansen 

The year is 1977 and a shocking accident sees Robert and Jess suddenly orphaned. Finding refuge with their lighthouse keeper grandparents, they begin to navigate their loss and rebuild their lives. But how secure can this new home be, with the threat of lighthouse automation and closures looming?

Respected creative writing teacher and New Zealand author Adrienne Jansen’s sixth novel explores loss and light, storytelling and the sea. Light Keeping is a subtle and immersive novel drawing on the richness of family stories and their role in defining and connecting us.


The Quokka Logic and Baking Book
– Karen McMillan

From the bestselling Elastic Island Adventures series comes a fun baking book for children, with recipes by Mrs Quokka and her son Jase the Quokka. By popular demand, Mrs Quokka also shares some of her quirky quokka logic – fun sayings that will bring a smile due to being so illogical.

Enjoy these easy-to-make, tried and true family recipes that are perfect for children and will encourage kids to have fun creating these yummy baking treats. 


The Book Collector
  Tony Eyre 

 The Book Collector is a fascinating bibliomemoir of the writer’s lifetime joy of reading, the books and authors that have touched him, and how they have shaped his passion for book collecting.

The Book Collector is an enjoyable and thoroughly engaging read, packed full of stories, personal observations, useful information and splashes of humour, inviting the reader to further explore what our often neglected New Zealand literature has to offer.

Tony Eyre grew up in Auckland before moving to Dunedin in 1978. As a Chartered Accountant for over 50 years, he has had a particular interest in the creative sector, supporting arts practitioners and serving on the boards of various arts-related organisations. 



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