We're sponsoring ESport race cars


If you love Esports, especially race cars, then you need to tune in to the LPL Project Cars 2 NZ Championship from 28 March until 16 May 2019. Star Insurance Specialists is the chief sponsor of this Let’s Play Live (LPL) event, which we successfully sponsored last year too.

You may be wondering why we’d sponsor such an event. Esports is huge around the world and is growing incredibly fast in New Zealand. This particular event has a strong following with customers that typically purchase one of our Star Enthusiast products: Star Project & Performance, Star Vintage, Star Classic and Star Motorsport.

LPL’s Project Cars is the most authentic, beautiful, intense, and technically-advanced racing game on the planet. Created by gamers, tested by real racing drivers, it’s the preferred choice of Esports pros.

This simulation racing eSports event was a resounding success last year when it attracted professional and virtual motorsport racers, resulting in strong viewership against real-world motorsport events.

Weekly televised broadcasts will start on Sky Sport on Thursday 28 March, from 8pm -11pm NZDT,  through to 16 May 2019. This will be followed by 8 highlight packages. We’ll capitalize on other media coverage too.

Qualifying rounds are taking place with players from Auckland to Dunedin and 8 players will advance to the finals. 

If you’re an Esport fan or you’re really curious about what it takes to run an event like this, we’re hosting behind the scenes studio tours at the world class LPL studios at Auckland’s Sky Tower. Even if you haven’t discovered gaming yet, seeing all this high-spec technology in one place, and learning about something unique like this, is quite the experience. So if you want an inside view of where the action takes place, talk to your account manager about a private access pass. 

Esports fanatics love LPL, the home of Esports in Australasia.



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