The last ride


At Star Insurance, we like to cover things that are a bit unique so we happily provided terms when asked to insure a motorcycle hearse!

The Last Ride NZ is the one of a kind in New Zealand catering for all of the South Islands motorbike enthusiasts as a way to give them one last ride.

Business owner Roger spoke to his friend Graham, who is a mould maker, to get things started. Five months later they needed an engineer and reached out to another mate Wayne who came on board as a partner. Ten months later the bike was complete – a Harley Davidson with a side carriage to cover a coffin.

Featuring a polished wooden base with rollers to make manoeuvring hassle-free, large windows so you can see the casket as well as any flower arrangements you have placed inside. Soft LED lighting traces the top of the interior for evening/night rides. The draw at the base also contains spare helmets for anyone wanting to join their loved one, on their last ride.

“We as Kiwis celebrate people's lives. We celebrate with talking, beers, a bit of nonsense. It's for people who love their motorcycles. It's something different” says Roger.

To add to their collection, the group is working on a Triumph hearse, which is currently "pulled to bits", but will be ready by February next year. Roger said they may offer Suzuki’s eventually, but "way, way down the track".

The Last Ride is based in Christchurch but can provide services anywhere in the South Island.



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