Take care of yourself this holiday season

Take care of yourself

The holiday season is a great time to unwind, catch up with friends and family and explore more of our beautiful country. With so many people on the roads and in touristy spots it’s also a time to take extra care.

Being prepared and taking preventative measures against loss should be part of all holiday planning. As we’re fond of saying: preemptive action saves grief later.

Some of the people in our office make lists that follow a little formula:
If this happens…………...Do this……………….

An example would be:
If the wind starts blowing up a storm, make sure the awning is wound in.

Because who wants to have no awning when it’s a scorcher? That’s right, nobody. So creating lists is a good place to start.

Even simple things like having a spotter when you’re backing can save a whole lot of grief later. From a motorhome insurance perspective, it’s about being aware of your surroundings and taking good care of your property.

However, despite all your planning, sometimes the unavoidable or unthinkable happens and you find yourself in a situation where damage happens.

Our advice is: always look after yourself and your loved ones first. Then if needed, secure what you can. Once you have done that, and if an insurance claim is on your horizon, take photos of any damage so that you can include these in your claim.

In other words, “put the fire out first”. You’ll get no drama from us by first taking action to minimise any further damage or to get yourself and/or your vehicle out of danger before contacting us. Our normal claims team is available during business hours and if calling us outside those hours, we have an after-hours and public holidays crew to help you. So don’t worry, we’ll be here when you’re ready. 



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