Spinning those wheels


Every hour of the business day, 18 new vehicles are sold in New Zealand and with the strong economy many of these new sales are for prestige and performance vehicles. 

Star Insurance Specialists is a keen advocate for the purchaser of a performance vehicle to undertake some advanced driver training in order to learn the performance, handling and power of their vehicles. 

We have worked with providers of driver training to develop underwriting criteria which allows our clients to have insurance cover when they are undertaking such training. An additional benefit is that once a client has completed an advanced driving course we will then extend cover if they wish to take part in professionally run track days at some of the motorsport parks around NZ.

We happily endorse the driver training programs run by Mike Eady, Downforce and the Porsche Club. The photo’s above were taken from a recent Porsche event at Hampton Downs and show that as well as learning key driving skills the events are also a lot of fun.

Insurance cover for driver training is an extension to an annual insurance policy and additional terms and excesses will apply. Speak to your Key Account Manager if you need more information on the criteria for training and track events.



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