Off the beaten track


Like the idea of getting away in your camper, but not the idea of crowded campgrounds and shared showers? Why not go “off the beaten track”.

Roy Connell along with wife Michele (who ran the Camper Care Motorhome shows) have come up with a concept which allows private land owners to share their little piece of paradise with holidaymakers for a small fee.

In the similar vain to the sharing ideas of AirBnB, Mighway and Uber it’s a “community marketplace” which allows those who own farms, lifestyle blocks or remote rural settings to gain a little extra income by offering accommodation and park-up spots to tourists.

There has been plenty of interest in the site from landowners and also ideas to add on extras such as farm tours, bike trails, or sheep shearing!

As the top tourist spots become over-crowded and ride the tourism boom, Off the Beaten Track offers the chance to truly get away from it all and share some of the countries best spots with your fellow Kiwis’.



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