Kicking up dirt

Wairarapa CC4

The Wairarapa Car Club held its annual “Gravel Hillclimb’ event in November on the closed off Dorsets Road just outside Masterton. John Edie from Star Insurance joined Kris Toogood from Provincial Insurance Brokers as sponsors of the day.

While the participants spent the morning driving as fast as they could up the gravel winding road John & Kris cooked up a BBQ lunch for participants & supporters.

Most of the cars have been heavily modified, roll cages are compulsory, but are also road registered. We were able to provide a variety of insurance quotes and options for members to get their vehicles covered. Obviously we don’t offer cover when competing in the sprint event, but otherwise the cars can be comprehensively insured when road driving. Other people may just choose a Fire/Theft/Transit policy.

A bottle of wine and Journey On Roadside voucher was given to the winner of each group with the fastest time being Gareth McLachlan in a 4WD Mitsubishi who sped up the course in 2 mins and 1 second.



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