How much is that car in the window?

7 Series all model

As Kiwis, we love driving and our vehicles are special to us. We customise them to our tastes and needs and keep them in good shape. But there are many factors that impact the true value of our cars.

• How many of the same make and model of vehicle are currently for sale

• General wear and tear

• Depreciation

• If the vehicle has had a previous accident repair

• Current odometer reading

When working out the current market value of your vehicle as part of the claims process (current market value = what the vehicle is worth just prior to the accident), we gather valuation reports from licensed motor vehicle dealers and professional vehicle valuers.

Clients are welcome to obtain their own pre-accident valuation from a MTA licensed, reputable and recognised motor vehicle dealer, or a certified and recognised motor vehicle valuer.

The valuation needs to be based on the true, current and ‘willing buyer/willing seller get now’ value of the insured vehicle in the current New Zealand market. (Dealer recommended trade-ins, retail and/or computer generated average valuations from sites like Turners or Red Book cannot be accepted).

If your valuation is for a motorhome or caravan, we suggest providing the valuer with further information such as:

• Accessories

• Upgrades

• Berth

• Self Containment Certificate Expiry

• Electrical Certificate Expiry

• Kitchen

• WC (Toilet)

• Solar Power

• Awning

If we receiver a valuation that is right out of the ballpark, we ask why? We then look at what is fair and reasonable and respond to you with our findings.

Our customers know that we are rational & considerate. We’re not here to make gains at anyone else’s expense which is why we are happy to take a closer look at your vehicle’s value when requested.



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