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Many of our Star CamperCare customers are members of motorhome associations. For anyone feeling like they’re missing out on the benefits of this type of membership, we’ve got good news for you.

If you like the idea of getting away in your RV, but not the idea of crowded campgrounds and shared showers, you will love going “off the beaten track”. Off The Beaten Track is all about connecting holidaymakers with authentic rural New Zealand locations and experiences, thanks to private landowners who share their little piece of paradise with holidaymakers for a small fee.

As a community marketplace it’s similar to AirBnB, Mighway and Uber. New Zealand is full of exceptional undiscovered privately owned locations that are quite simply, too beautiful not to share. This is a perfect approach if you are tired of all the usual camping sites and venues that are often overcrowded.

But Off The Beaten Track is more than somewhere special to spend the night; it’s the opportunity to grow your unique memories of rural heartland New Zealand.

Just some of the benefits for holidaymakers:

  • Connect with unique Kiwi experiences
  • Enjoy private, unspoilt and secluded destinations
  • The journey to these hideaways is part of the experience
  • You’ll steer clear of overcrowded campgrounds and noisy neighbours
  • There’s a whole new world to discover.

The types of destinations you’ll have access to include:

  • Unique camping areas
  • Family-friendly areas
  • Beach and Lake access
  • Motorhome/Caravan access
  • Park up in Kiwi paradises.

To truly get away from it and experience something unique you’ll be hard pressed to find better spots than those shared by your fellow Kiwis. Visit Off The Beaten Track at www.offthebeatentrack.co.nz.





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