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Highland Spirit

The Camper Care insurance policy has recently undergone a refresh to ensure we remain the leader in Recreational Vehicle insurance in New Zealand.

Finally we’ve added a bunch of new benefits to make the policy the best in the market, these include:
• Animal Death or Injury Cover
• Burnout of Electrical Motors
• Hidden Gradual Damage
• Caravan Park Fees
• Incorrect Fuelling

We’ve been showcasing our new posters and policy wordings at Motorhome and Caravan Shows around New Zealand recently, including our own shows in Christchurch and Hamilton.  There are plenty more exciting things happening for Camper Care in 2017, so stay tuned!

The first thing you’ll notice is the new cover! We’ve used local landscape photographer Peter Latham to provide some stunning scenic shots used both in the policy wording and our Camper Care promotional posters.  The next thing you’ll notice is the plan English standard. No easy feat when writing an insurance policy but the new text will make it far easier for your customers to understand what they are and aren’t covered for.




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