The most comprehensive list of resources for all things motorhome and caravan in New Zealand

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Motorhome Resources. 

Whether you’ve just bought your motorhome, or you’re a seasoned traveller, this comprehensive list of resources for all things motorhome and caravan is your one-stop-shop for information. 

Here you’ll find everything you need to know about how to get around New Zealand in your RV, from where to camp, to which apps to use, to what conditions are like in different parts of the country, to where to get the right camper for your purposes, to official government resources about their local camping options. 


Travel Guide Information and RV Lifestyle

Travel guides and RV lifestyle content helps travellers to better plan trips, and to connect with the larger RV travel community in New Zealand. 

Backpacker Guide New Zealand: A comprehensive travel guide for budget travellers in New Zealand.

New Zealand Motor Caravan Association: News and lifestyle content for New Zealand’s motorhome community.

New Zealand Travel Insider: Travel insights and sightseeing ideas for New Zealand travellers.

New Zealand Tourism: A top commercial tourism directory the provides information on accommodations, attractions, tours, transport, maps, travel competitions, and bookings.

RV magazine: A lifestyle magazine about everything regarding motorhomes and other recreational vehicles.


Freedom Camping

Freedom camping allows travellers to legally camp in some designated areas that aren’t developed as proper campsites.

Department of Conservation on Freedom Camping: Provides basic information on freedom camping.

Freedom Camping: Offers information about freedom camping, with additional advice on camping in New Zealand.

Freedom Camping West Coast: Provides clear information and rules regarding freedom camping in the region,

Rankers: A database of free camping options all over New Zealand.

Useful Apps

A variety of apps allow travellers to more easily find free or paid campsites, and to rent their own properties to travellers for this purpose.

Campable: A social sharing app to rent camping spots, or find places to camp

Campermate: An app to help you find everything you need when you’re on the road.

Rankers Camping NZ App: A database of campsites all over New Zealand.

Health, Safety, and Travel Conditions

It’s very important to keep track of weather, road, and emergency conditions to get the most out of your experience, and to ensure that you’re never caught unawares by potentially dangerous conditions.

DriveSafe New Zealand: Tourist information about safe driving in New Zealand

New Zealand Transport Agency: Current traffic and travel information for all of New Zealand.

Fire Emergency New Zealand: Up to date weather tracking, fire danger assessments, and fire tracking for the entire country

MetService: Up to date weather information and tracking of emergency weather conditions for New Zealand.

Government Resources

Official government resources are an essential source of official information about where to go, and how to approach travel in New Zealand.

Auckland City Council: Provides information about freedom camping and other options near Auckland.

Christchurch City Council: Offers detailed information with regard to where to camp with motorhomes and camper vans.

Dunedin City Council: Offers detailed information about freedom camping in Dunedin.

Gisborne District Council: Information about Gisborne’s Freedom Camping Bylaw.

Grey District Council: Information about freedom camping in Greymouth.

Nelson City Council: Nelson’s bylaw regarding freedom camping in its jurisdiction.

New Zealand’s Recreation and Environment: Has information about freedom camping and other recreational outdoor activities.

New Zealand’s Tourism Website: Provides extensive official information about tourism in New Zealand.

Porirua City: Offers information on where camping is allowed in Porirua.

Queenstown lakes district council: Offers information on responsible camping in Queenstown Lakes District.

Southland District Council: Detailed information about camping in Southland.

Wellington City Council: Official information about camping in and around Wellington.

Westland District Council: Offers details on Freedom Camping in Westland.

Whangarei District Council: Providers information about where to stay as a camper in Whangarei.

Camper Rental Businesses

These are just a few of the many options available for travellers looking to rent or purchase an RV.





Escape Rentals NZ:


New Zealand Camper Van Hire:



Mighty Campers:

Share a Camper:

Spaceships Rentals:

The Pod Rental Company:

Travellers Autobarn:

Wicked Campers:



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