Books beside the bed this autumn






The Shadow Broker – by Tina Clough
No, not a story about shady insurance brokers! This is the latest thrilling read from New Zealand crime writer Tina Clough.

Coded messages on a found burner phone, top-level government corruption and a shadowy mastermind who calls himself The Broker. 

In a climate of curtailed individual freedoms and with state surveillance everywhere, trying to uncover the truth means risking your life & nothing is more dangerous than searching for evidence of government corruption! (Yes, the book is fiction even if it
resonates current events!)




How to Marry Harry – by Nikki Perry & Kirsty Roby
Could Harry Styles be the perfect man for Jo’s daughter Bayley? Surely, he would be, if Jo could only wrangle a meeting!

Nikki and Kirsty are sisters from New Zealand who decided to write a book about Harry Styles in the hope that he will play himself in the subsequent movie. Read their hilarious book and see how it turned out!

Thanks to Lighthouse PR we’ve got a copy of the book to give away! 
Just email [email protected] with the answer to the following question: What famous UK boy band was Harry Styles a member of?




The Waters Dead – by Catherine Leah
For twenty-five years, Nyree thought she’d solved her toughest cases. She was wrong.

The chin tattoo confirms the victim is Māori. The whorls of ink from her lower lip to her chin—the moko – is worn only by Māori women. So, her ethnicity is a given. Finding who murdered her and dumped her body in the volcanic rock pool at the base of Mason’s Rock waterfall is DI Nyree Bradshaw’s latest case.

Set in Far North, New Zealand this is a thrilling novel with surprise twists that will keep you turning the pages.

Catherine Lea, author of the popular Elizabeth McClaine series of thrillers and several standalone novels set in the USA, has brought her writing home to the beautiful Far North. The Water’s Dead is the first in the ‘DI Nyree  Bradshaw’ series.



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