Bad Penny

Bad Penny

“Bad Penny” is a classic and custom car repairer based in Hamilton, and the venue for our recent broker function. We caught up with owner Chris Harrison to find out more about his business.

Why did you start Bad Penny?

I started Bad Penny in May 2017. I’ve been involved with hotrods and classic cars all my life, and interest passed on from my Dad. 8 years ago I was working as a qualified auto electrician and a friend of mine approached me to go work for him building these cars. After about 6 years the opportunity arose for me, with the support of Natalie my wife, to start our own shop and Bad Penny was born.

How has the business expanded in the time you have been in operation?

When we started there were just two of us in the shop. In the last 18 months with increased work load we now have 4 staff with work booked well in advance. Our main market is mostly American vehicles whether they are original, hotrods, customs or classics. Although we are more than happy to work on classic vehicles from all over the world.

Apart from Insurance work, how do people know about you?

I find that through previous employment, people have followed me. Word of mouth and social media like Facebook and Instagram play a huge part in attracting new customers, we’ve got over 1400 followers.

Where did the name Bad Penny come from?

The name Bad Penny was the hardest part to sort out when setting up. We were trawling through song names when we came across “Bad Penny”. We were a little apprehensive about the “Bad” but people seemed to love the idea so it stuck.



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