A quick guide to Track Insurance

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Insurance is available from Star Insurance Specialists subject to acceptance by Star of a completed application. In every case, special terms will be applied as detailed in an endorsement to the policy.

1. The following events will generally be approved and timing will be allowed:-

Single car timed events – for example:-

  • Gymkhanas,

  • Slalom events,

  • Reliability Trials (where cars are required to complete a lap or laps in a given time, and where points are lost for arriving early or late)

  • These events must be organised and managed by an approved organisation.

2. The following events will not qualify for insurance:-

  • Racing or practicing for racing,

  • Time Trials,

  • Drag Racing,

  • Targa Rally (excluding Targa Tour – See #5 below).

  • Rallying of any sort.

  • Hill climbs

  • Track days (unless covered by #4 below).

  • Bent sprints

3. Driver training is actively encouraged.

Driver training must be provided by organisations which have been approved by Star Insurance Specialists, and should concentrate on the basics including, but not limited to:

  • Braking,

  • Skid pan exercises/car control,

  • Cornering,

  • Slalom exercises,

  • Full track exercises, either following a lead car or with an instructor in the car. This will only be allowed after completion of the above training exercises.

4. Track days will generally be approved in the following  circumstances:-

  • Drivers must have completed approved driver training, or have a proven track record of experience on racing tracks or other motor sport events.

  • The track day must be managed by an organisation approved by Star Insurance Specialists.

  • We require prestige cars to be in a group which does not include track-only or race cars and all cars in that group must have a current Warrant of Fitness and road legal tyres.

5. Targa Tour

  • Insurance for participating in the Targa Tour will be available subject to receipt of an acceptable Application.

  • Applicants will have to provide evidence of appropriate experience before consideration will be given to an application.

  • An additional premium will charged.
    * Additional policy terms may apply.

6. Charitable events

Charitable events, such as “Race 4 Life”, are generally approved but prior approval must be sought and obtained, and the policy 
endorsed to delete the Exclusion for vehicles being driven on race tracks.




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