An Investigator has been appointed to my Claim – what does this mean 


We understand that your peace of mind is paramount during the claims process. In certain cases, an investigator may be appointed to assess and gather information related to your claim. This is a standard practice aimed at ensuring a thorough and fair evaluation.

Purpose of the Investigation:

An investigator has been appointed to your claim to: (The investigator is 100% independent and a fully licensed professional).

1. Verify Information:
Ensure that all provided information is accurate and complete.

2. Assess the Circumstances:
Investigate the details surrounding the incident to gain a comprehensive understanding.

3. Prevent Fraud:
Safeguard against fraudulent claims, maintaining fairness for all policyholders.

Role of the Investigator:

The appointed investigator is an experienced professional with the expertise to assess the specifics of your claim objectively. Their role includes:

1. Site Visits:
Conducting on-site investigations to gather first-hand information.

2. Interviews:
Speaking with involved parties, witnesses, and relevant authorities.

3. Documentation:
Compiling a detailed report with findings and evidence.

Your Cooperation Matters:

To ensure a smooth and efficient investigation process, your cooperation is crucial. Please be available for any required interviews or provide additional documentation promptly.
This collaboration helps expedite the claims resolution.


Rest assured, we understand the importance of resolving claims promptly. The investigator will work diligently to complete the assessment within a reasonable timeframe. Regular updates on
the progress of the investigation will be communicated to you.


Your privacy is of utmost importance. The investigator will handle all information with strict confidentiality, sharing details only with relevant parties involved in the claims assessment.

Next Steps:

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the investigator’s appointment or the claims process in general, our dedicated claims team is here to assist you. Feel free to contact us.


Thank you for your understanding and cooperation as we work together to ensure a fair and efficient resolution to your claim. Our commitment is to provide transparency and support throughout the entire process.


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