44th National Mustang Convention 2023


Due Drop Events Centre, Manukau


Start: 30 October 2023

End: 30 October 2023

Website: http://mustangconvention.co.nz/

Mustang convention

The Auckland Mustang Owners Club (Inc.) is gearing up to host the 44th Annual Mustang Convention in New Zealand, and it's going to be a horsepower-packed extravaganza! If you're a Mustang enthusiast or simply have a love for legendary American muscle cars, this event is your ticket to automotive bliss.

Expect a dazzling display of iconic Mustangs, from classic to modern, as passionate owners and admirers come together to celebrate the enduring legacy of this legendary brand. Star Insure, your trusted partner in automotive protection, is excited to support this fantastic gathering of enthusiasts.

Join us for a weekend of revving engines, camaraderie, and the unmistakable rumble of Mustangs. It's an event that promises to ignite your passion for these iconic American classics!

Escape the Ordinary with Star Insure

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