Your vehicle has been stolen so what should you do?

The first thing you will need to do is contact the Police as soon as possible to report the theft of your vehicle, you can contact them by either going to your local police station or calling 105, they will provide you with a reference number, make sure you keep that as we will require that later on.

Once the police have been contacted you will need to make sure you contact our office on 0800 250 600 or your broker to report this theft, otherwise, you can follow this link to complete our online theft claim form: 

If you contact the claims team via phone or your broker you will be sent both a standard claim form and a stolen vehicle declaration form, make sure you complete both forms and return them to us along with images of your vehicle before the theft along with the police reference number.

From here we will appoint an investigator who will contact you to conduct an interview with you, any witnesses and the surrounding neighbours regarding the events of the theft.

While this is happening we will also appoint an assessor to obtain a valuation of your vehicle so that those pre-theft images will come in handy. If there is any additional information you think we should know about your vehicle such as modifications or accessories, please provide this to your claim handler so we can obtain an accurate valuation on your vehicle.

The assessor and investigator will then submit their reports to us for review, once the claim has been accepted one of our claims handlers will be in contact regarding the settlement of your vehicle.

What to do if your vehicle has been recovered after it has been stolen?

The first thing you need to do is obtain as much information as possible and provide the details to Star such as:

- Location of where the vehicle was found.
- Who found the vehicle
- The current location of the vehicle and the contact details 
of the people storing your vehicle.

The police may require your vehicle for forensic testing and once that has been completed they will release the vehicle to you or Star.

Our assessor will then be in contact with you to arrange for the vehicle to be taken to a repairer of your choice so an assessment can be done.

Depending on the extent of the damage your vehicle will either be deemed a repair or a total loss (write-off).

What will my excess be for a theft claim?

Your excess for theft claim will be noted on your policy schedule. We will confirm this with you when you lodge your claim.

If you own a motorcycle then your standard excess will apply unless there is a specified theft excess, however if your motorcycle was stolen from your property and it was not garaged then a $2,000 excess will apply (unless your standard excess exceeds this).

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