Fact sheet: Let's talk about excess

What is an excess?

Your policy excess is the amount you agree to contribute towards the cost of any claim. Star, subject to the policy conditions, pays the rest of the reasonable claim costs.

How does an excess work?

- Just like your vehicle, excesses are unique and individual to the specific policy.

- Policies may have differing excesses for different claim types.

For example, a windscreen may carry a ‘Nil’ Excess fora repair or replacement less than $2,000, a $500 excess if the windscreen replacement exceeds $2,000, and an even higher excess for more expensive windscreen repairs.

For a vehicle accident, your policy may carry a $500 excess.

For theft, your policy may have a $1,000 excess. Note that if a younger driver (covered by the policy) is in charge of your vehicle at the time of the loss, the excess is likely to be higher.

Tip: Refer to the terms in your policy schedule to checkwhat excess applies for different claim types. Feel freeto give us a call if you need help.

When does an excess apply, or not?

- Excesses are sometimes recoverable or possibly won’t apply in circumstances where the other party is at fault.

In this instance, we need to know who that party/driver is (usually from the details you or the Police have provided), and you need to be completely free of blame.

We’ll let you know as soon as possible if your excess has been waived. Otherwise, you should assume your excess is payable.

- In some cases, despite you providing the at-fault party’s details to us, liability may not be clear or potentially disputed. In these cases, your excess will continue to apply.

We’ll work with you in an effort to determine liability. We may also support you in Court or Dispute Tribunal hearings to get an order against the at-fault party so we can recover your excess and our costs. 

- Excesses usually apply to stolen vehicle claims and damaged while parked claims, even though as the owner you may not feel you have done anything wrong.

It’s important to remember the excess is the first portion you agree to pay towards any claim, not necessarily an indicator of negligence or liability.

If the other party is known and/or someone is apprehended for these offences, we’ll make every effort to obtain recovery from them and will refund your excess as we receive the funds.

We’re in this together: You’re our valued customer and it’sin our interest to make every effort to recover your excess. It means we’re usually able to recover any costs we’ve incurred in settling your claim as well.

Who pays who?

- Excesses are usually payable direct to the repairer undertaking repairs on your vehicle or are deducted from any cash settlement we may pay out to you.

An excess payment is usually payable on collection of your vehicle after repairs. If you’re unsure, please discuss with your preferred repairer.

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