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Future Focused.

A look at what’s
just around
the corner.

We ask “what if?” questions to better serve our customers. 

When you look under our hood you’ll see a genuine innovation culture. Rapid advances in technology spins our wheels because we’re entrepreneurs at heart. The future’s coming faster than you think and we want you to be part of it with us.

We’re not just about providing the best niche insurance on the planet. We’re passionate about vehicle owners, their activities and industry related initiatives like Mighway, Junction and Telemetry which all help to create better experiences for our customers.

There are some good insurance providers out there, but are they thinking about these kinds of things, let alone working hard to make them a reality? Be out front with the people developing this stuff and innovating for you.

To follow are the latest projects that we’re working on behind the scenes and hope to make available to everyone soon.


Paying too much for inferior insurance? You’ll like this.

Traditional insurance is based on the average KM that all vehicles drive, which is then spread across everyone with an average calculated premium. The problem with this approach is, you aren't a statistic.

If you don’t drive much, you end up paying more than your fair share of insurance, effectively subsidising other drivers – especially those who drive everyday. This is the reason why Star Insurance Specialists tailors insurance policies to unique individuals. But now we’re taking this revolutionary insurance approach a step further.


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