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Archive: 2018

  • Explore your destination options before leaving home

    26 November 2018

     Star CamperCare is a primary sponsor of the MCD website at We’re proud to also be involved with their destinations videos which showcases some beautiful parts of New Zealand to explore.These videos can inspire you to check out places you hadn’t previously considered....

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  • Why has my insurance premium increased?

    26 November 2018

    Over the past few years, a lot of big “insurance events” such as natural disasters here and abroad, have meant huge payouts from insurance companies. The cost of technology included in many vehicles is getting more sophisticated and expensive to replace. And with more...

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  • How does a multiple vehicle discount sound?

    26 November 2018

     You’re obviously familiar with Star CamperCare, but did you know we’re part of Star Insurance Specialists? As our name suggests, we’re niche insurance specialists and some of our RV customers insure multiple vehicles through one of our other policies.Our specialist knowledge made us the...

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