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rv insurance thumbnail CamperCare

4 June 2019

A quick guide to RV Insurance

Your RV is more than just a vehicle, it’s part of your dream lifestyle and has probably been customised for your own tastes and requirements. That’s part of the thrill of owning an RV.Why a specialist policy is betterAt Star Camper Care, we know...

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winter tips thumbnail CamperCare

31 May 2019

Getting your Motorhome Ready for Winter

While most of us only think about our motorhomes while we use them, they actually spend most of their time just sitting around. To avoid potentially costly damage and even vacation-ruining breakdowns, prevention is key.How winter damages your motorhomeWhile your motorhome might seem perfectly...

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8 luxury cars thumbnail2

24 May 2019

8 luxury cars with top quality HUDs

Head-up displays were first developed for use in military fighter jets, and double as both a tech and a safety feature. It’s intended to reduce dangerous distractions by displaying key information, such as speed and directions, directly into the driver’s line of sight. As...

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8 reliable motorcycles thumbnail Motorcycle

10 May 2019

8 reliable motorcycles to own

 There is nothing quite like the total freedom of the open road, the wind in your face, and the rumbling roar of an engine. Motorcycles, as every rider knows, simply make everything more fun. It’s no wonder we get attached to them. We treat...

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7 signs motorhome life thumbnail CamperCare

3 May 2019

7 signs the motorhome life is for you

There are times for all of us when we simply need to get away. Our regular routines, juggling responsibilities at home and at work, get the best of us with time. There are just too many things to see and do to let life...

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19 December 2018

Why have insurance premiums increased?

There are many reasons insurance premiums increase. For anyone living under a rock, there have been several major “insurance events” over the past decade, including natural disasters here and abroad. This has meant insurance companies have been hit with huge payouts. When many claims...

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Asset 15

19 December 2018

Kiwi legend, Simon Crafar, joining Motofest in March 2019

Star Insurance Specialists is proud to be a major sponsor of Motofest. Our Star Motorcycle team can’t wait to visit the second annual Mike Pero MotoFest extravaganza at Hampton Downs, near Meremere in the North Waikato on 2-3 March 2019. The jam-packed weekend will...

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Ride Forever

19 December 2018

Reduce your excess by 50% with a Ride Forever course

Ride Forever is a great initiative from ACC to give motorcycle riders access to cost-effective training to stay safe and make better choices on the roads. So far, around 16,000 riders have completed at least one Ride Forever course resulting in a 27% reduction...

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