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  • 9 motorcycle safety tips for new riders

    6 September 2019

    Anyone who’s ever ridden on a motorcycle knows that it’s not just a lot more fun than driving, it’s also far more fuel-efficient. That means you get to save money while helping to keep the environment safer. Unfortunately, it also comes at a price....

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  • 8 incredible vintage cars to feast your eyes on

    16 August 2019

    New cars have their novel charm, but there is no beauty like that which has stood the test of time. Vintage cars are not only visually beautiful, but they also have their own stories and place in history. As vintage car enthusiasts, we not...

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  • 5 reasons you should visit vineyards in Otago by motorhome

    19 July 2019

    Otago is one of New Zealand’s most important wine-growing regions, and no trip to the South Island is complete without going to check out its gorgeous vineyards. While Marlborough leads in the production of New Zealand’s famous Sauvignon Blanc, Otago offers some of the...

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