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Soon you’ll have the option to 
pay insurance on the actual KM
you travel in your motorhome.


Paying too much for insurance?
Let’s fix that for you.

Traditional insurance is based on the average KM that all vehicles drive, which is then spread across everyone with an average calculated premium. The problem with this approach is, you aren't a statistic. If you don’t drive much, you end up paying more than your fair share of insurance, effectively subsidising other drivers – especially those who drive everyday. This is the reason why Star Insurance Specialists tailors insurance policies to unique individuals. But now we’re taking this revolutionary insurance approach a step further.

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Telematic insurance allows you to pay only for actual distance travelled

Our focus is simple: deliver the best motorhome insurance experience possible. So we’re always asking “what if?” questions. Like, what if our customers could pay for the distance they actually travelled, and not the average motorhome user’s mileage? Surely the technology exists to let us do this?
Yes, it does. Our friends at Mighway (they’re the people who help you to make money by renting your motorhome when you’re not using it) are running trials on a technology called Telemetry.

Telemetry is more commonly used in large fleets to measure driving behaviours and distances travelled. It’s kind of like GPS on steroids. Commercial fleet owners can then be charged appropriately for all kinds of things, including insurance.

With the knowledge we’ve gained from these trials we’re now developing trials specifically relating to Star Camper Care insurance policyholders.

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New Zealand’s first motorhome telemetry insurance trial 

We’re really excited about the possibility of making insurance fairer for private motorhome owners. So we’re launching a motorhome telemetry insurance trial that we’re calling Telme. It’s this kind of customer-first thinking that brings innovative change to make a difference in people’s lives. 


But first, the elephant in the room: Privacy

We care about and respect your privacy. We’re only interested in the vehicle’s ODO reading at the beginning of the month so we can calculate your insurance based on how far you drove in the previous month. We don't care about or track where you went because our insurance covers your RV anywhere in NZ. In fact, our telemetry partner will only collect and share with us your distance travelled along with your registration number. That’s it. As RVs are rarely driven everyday, you will likely save money, based on the KM you travel. 


Apply to join our limited Telme trial

If you want to be part of something new and exciting, and with a company with a history of bringing great things to market, not just talking about them, apply now to be an early adopter and join this exciting trial. You need to be a Star Camper Care policyholder to join. Once accepted into the trial, we’ll add some fancy technology to your vehicle and can begin tracking data so we can fine tune Telme and make it the best experience for all our customers. Then once the program goes live you’ll be among the first to benefit from this technology. 

Numbers are strictly limited. If you’re not selected straight away don't worry, we’ll bring on more Telme trial customers as soon as we can.


Get onboard here and experience Telme

You will need to be a current Camper Care policyholder to join the trial. If you’re not a Camper Care customer yet, get onboard with the best policies at the best prices here. Then if interested, return to this page to apply to join our Telme trial.


“What if I’m not a Camper Care customer yet?”

If you’re not with NZ’s leading and most relevant motorhome insurance provider, you’re missing out on a whole lot of goodness. And you’re probably paying too much for your current insurance for what you get.

Ask yourself, “Who else innovates like Camper Care?” Correct answer: Nobody. So wouldn't you rather be with a leader who has always got your back and is constantly pushing the innovation envelope? NZ motorhome dealers and insurance brokers love, use and recommend Star Camper Care’s leading motorhome insurance policies. That’s because we create relevant products for the benefit of our customers. But we never take our position for granted, and always strive to be better.

If you’re not a Camper Care customer yet, get onboard with the best policies at the best prices here. Then if interested, return to this page to apply to join our Telme trial.

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