Tailored insurance for high performance, modified & project cars.

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We treat you like one of the family.

Once accepted, you’ll enjoy the best protection.

Like all our policies, with StarPlus we carefully consider what you need, then customise your policy to suit. As standard, you’ll enjoy:

* Terms and conditions apply. Not all benefits apply to all policies. Please refer to the policy booklet (and your schedule if issued) for further information or call us to discuss your specific needs.

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Tailored insurance for high performance, modified and project cars.

We’ll protect the investment in your head turner.

Having to jump through too many hoops for vehicle insurance?

For whatever reason insurance is not a simple process for you, we developed Star Plus. No matter your driving history, we won’t make you jump through multiple burning hoops, just to be considered for insurance.  

Sometimes getting insurance isn't a straightforward process. If you were judged on a points system, things like your age, driving history, your occupation and how you use your car, speeding tickets and convictions, the type of car you drive and your kind of license, can all count for or against you.

We know that most drivers who purchase and modify their cars are more likely to take special care of them. And these cars are often not a daily runner.

We can even extend your policy to include ‘whilst driving on a race track or closed circuit’. This extension is available by application only. If approved, specific terms and conditions may apply and will be advised.

Star Insurance Specialists is NZ’s leading niche insurance specialists because we treat customers like family, not spreadsheet entries or statistics. Looking after family is what Kiwis do, and we’re 100% NZ-owned and operated. Contact us today.

A high performer needs high-performance insurance. Get started today.

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