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Government levies continue to increase insurance premiums.
Just like petrol, the government wants its pound of flesh from vehicle insurance. They do this in the form of government levies. You’ll soon read why your insurance premiums are the rate they are and how they could be a lot cheaper.

Whilst our hands are tied -- we can’t do anything other than be an unpaid revenue collector for the government -- we thought you would appreciate seeing how your insurance premiums are broken down. Don’t shoot the messenger!

3 key taxes added to your premiums:
- Earthquake Levy
- Fire Service Levy
- GST (including GST on levies already imposed)

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Take care of yourself this holiday season.
The holiday season is a great time to unwind, catch up with friends and family and explore more of our beautiful country. With so many people on the roads and in touristy spots it’s also a time to take extra care.

Being prepared and taking preventative measures against loss should be part of all holiday planning. As we’re fond of saying: preemptive action saves grief later.

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Explore your destination options before leaving home.
Star CamperCare is a primary sponsor of the MCD website at www.nzmcd.co.nz. We’re proud to also be involved with their destinations00aeef videos which showcases some beautiful parts of New Zealand to explore.

These videos can inspire you to check out places you hadn’t previously considered. And you can get a feel for whether you will like the place or not. That’s the beauty of video. Have a look at an ever-growing library of destinations at https://www.nzmcd.co.nz/destinations

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Staying home this holiday season?
If you’re not using your RV this holiday season, it might be a good time to consider renting it out with Mighway. Mighway is like AirBnB for motorhomes and is owned by Tourism Holdings, the world’s biggest motorhome company. They own Maui, Britz and Kea rental businesses. So they know a thing or two about managing RV rentals.

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Why has my insurance premium increased?
Over the past few years, a lot of big “insurance events” such as natural disasters here and abroad, have meant huge payouts from insurance companies. The cost of technology included in many vehicles is getting more sophisticated and expensive to replace. And with more vehicles on the roads, the frequency of claims has increased too. So more claims and higher repair costs are two big factors.

Obviously nobody likes paying more for anything. So what are we doing to counter these increased costs?

At Star Insurance Specialists, we approach all of our customers as unique individuals with their own needs. By asking you the right questions we can provide perfect insurance policies that cover everything you need, whilst not charging you for what you don’t.

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Spread your costs with monthly payments.
If you’d rather not pay your insurance premiums once a year, you’ll like monthly payments. You can stretch out your budget by paying your insurance premium each month using a credit card (especially great if you’re collecting airpoints) or direct debit from your bank account. You won’t save premium fees paying this way, but you’ll lessen the burden of a single financial hit each year, and continue to receive the Star treatment on your terms. If you’d prefer to pay monthly, call us on 0800 250 600 and we’ll update your policy payment schedule.

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How does a multiple vehicle discount sound?.
You’re obviously familiar with Star CamperCare, but did you know we’re part of Star Insurance Specialists? As our name suggests, we’re niche insurance specialists and some of our RV customers insure multiple vehicles through one of our other policies.

Our specialist knowledge made us the RV insurance industry leader, and thanks to our high levels of customer care, and providing our customers with what they want, we lead the pack with our other specialist insurance packages too.

Our specialists knowledge extends to Motorcycles, European, Performance, Classic, Vintage and Motorsport vehicle insurances. A lot of our customers insure more than one of their vehicles with us and in return they receive a multiple vehicle discount.

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Have a safe and happy holiday season.
Thank you for being a Star CamperCare customer. Our customers make coming to work a pleasure. And we know without you we wouldn’t be here. So from our family to you and yours, thank you. We wish you a very Merry Christmas and a safe and happy holiday season. See you in 2019!
See ya next time!
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