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10 Questions

10 questions to ask your
insurance company
about your RV policy

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When buying something as specialised as RV insurance, it pays to check that you’ll receive exactly the sort of policy you think you are buying. For instance, does the policy you’re looking at really cover what you think should be covered?

To help you choose an RV insurer, we’ve put together the following list of questions to ask your insurance company. You may think that some of these questions have really obvious answers, but don’t assume; ask:

  • 01

    If I need to make a claim, am I dealing with you or another insurance company – say, the company that underwrites your policy? (Why is this significant? You want to deal with the people who prepared your policy, because they will know it inside out and be able to answer any questions quickly. They will be responsible and accountable to you and in the least amount of time. Plus you only have to deal with one party.)

    Our Answer

    You only deal with us. We have full authority to handle your policy and pay out claims. We don’t have to wait for anyone else to decide what’s right.

  • 02

    Are the contents in my RV covered against theft and loss?

    Our Answer


  • 03

    What contents in my RV are covered and for how much?

    Our Answer

    We class everything that is permanently fitted to your vehicle, or could be sold with your vehicle—even if it’s not necessarily permanently fixed, as being part of your vehicle, and these items are all included standard in our insurance policy.

    We then automatically provide additional insurance to cover up to $3,000 of your personal contents in your vehicle. This amount can be increased, which is a good idea if you live in your vehicle.

    This is a big deal because not all insurance companies take this approach. Some include the vehicle items you’d sell with your vehicle within their contents limits, which means their value soon adds up! So when comparing policies, check what others define as contents, because that ‘larger’ contents figure is probably not as attractive as ours.

  • 04

    Is my RV insured when I am travelling around the country or just when it is parked at my home? (Seriously, don't skip this question.)

    Our Answer

    We cover you everywhere in NZ, whether stationary at home, travelling on the road and everywhere in-between.

  • 05

    Do you offer third party, fire and theft as well as full cover? What is the best option for me?

    Our Answer

    Yes, and whilst we recommend full cover we are happy to discuss your options.

  • 06

    Do you offer free roadside assistance if I break down or do I have to pay a third party like AA for this?

    Our Answer

    We offer free 24/7 roadside assistance through our Journey On Roadside Assistance program.

  • 07

    Are things like my awnings, generator and appliances covered in my policy?

    Our Answer


  • 08

    Can you confirm that I am on the correct policy? (Why is this significant? Some insurers will put you on a truck policy. This means you can't cook inside your RV, so if you have a cooking fire you won’t be covered.)

    Our Answer

    Your policy covers you for accidents and damage to your vehicle and will be tailored to you. We recognise that RVs are so much more than just a vehicle, so we also include 37 additional benefits that are designed specifically for motorhomes/caravan life.

  • 09

    If my RV is written off, will you reimburse my road user fees?

    Our Answer


  • 10

    If there is a fire inside my RV, either though cooking or a gas explosion, am I covered?

    Our Answer


The above 10 questions will start to paint a picture about the type of insurance policy being offered to you. Some comfort for you is, when you take out insurance, you have a cooling off period (usually 30 days). This means, if you are not happy after reading your insurance policy wording, you can change your mind and choose a better option or go elsewhere.  


If you have any questions or want to compare another policy against our custom policies please call us on:

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